Catch that Ball!

You are closer than you can imagine to what you want.

Grab your best life now.

As a changemaker, you are a master at catching balls. You've juggled quite a few in your journey to create a more just and compassionate world.

Yet with your focus on others, you may have neglected to take care of yourself. Retirement is your chance to change this.  Retirement brings you the gift of time. You finally have the time and flexibility to do things differently and to set new rules to live by.  I invite you to pause for a moment, close your eyes, and ask yourself, "If I could set one new to live a more powerful, engaged, joyful life, what would it be?" Now open your eyes and hold on to that feeling while you read this page.

How to Take Action

Taking action is one-half nuts and bolts planning for the changes that aging brings and one-half dreaming. Start your retirement vision by working through the retirement transitions steps - reflecting on your life experience, getting grounded in your core values, and gathering the people who will support you in your journey as you age. 

Some of the decisions you make about your next chapter are of the nuts and bolts kind.  You may need support and information in making a decision, but once made you can easily go on to take action.  There are retirement coaches who specialize in planning for finances, your changing living situation as you age, and plans for engaging in learning, recreation, and social activities that keep you healthy and engaged in life. There are also books and resources you can pick up for free on at the library.

Other decisions, however, may be complex.  You may find yourself reaching to sustain desired changes but not following through, or in conflict with a life partner about your life direction.  You may find yourself doubting yourself, or feeling guilty for putting yourself first. That's perfectly understandable, because you may believe that putting yourself means putting the people and causes you care about last.

​How Coaching Helps

These doubts that pop up are actually incredibly useful information to have. Pay attention to your internal nay-sayer, because she often pops up when you are reaching for more in life. Coaching helps you paint a picture of the life that you are meant to live right now, before it's too late. And coaching helps you to put those dreams into action by banishing the doubts and limiting beliefs that keep you living small. Coaching helps you sustain change by taking consistent action towards achieving your goals. 

Everyone Needs a Coach ~ Bill Gates

No, Bill, they don't, actually. Coaching isn't something one needs, it's something you want. You don't need to do this work. You can accept your default life. This is the life you will live if you do not change.

Or you can become the person you need to be to create your purposeful, powerful, joyful life.  It's your choice.  ​

If you'd like to learn more, check out my "Work with Me" page, or schedule a free coaching consultation​ here.