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Dear friends,
I have decided to close my coaching practice, but am leaving this site up in hope that the resources will help you in your post-career quest for a fun, connected, and purposeful life.

Did I say post-career?  In the 10 years since I retired from my full-time career I served on a local educational non-profit board, learned to create websites, became a certified coach and retreat leader, led retreats, got married, officiated my step-daughter's wedding, became a home caretaker for my father, managed the estate of my father, became a grandmother 3 times, and took over the family hardware store business.  Oh, and survived a pandemic and a decidedly rightward-turn in our democracy.

Wherever you are in your retirement journey, one thing I can tell you for sure:  your life will not be dull unless you want it that way.

May your curiosity, adaptability, heart, and good sense serve you well on your journey.