Free to Play!

A Retreat for Women Creating their New Game of Life after Retirement.

The Seascape Beach Resort, Santa Cruz. October 20-22, 2018


Are you Ready to Set Yourself Free?

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    Your heart says, "Let's Play!" while your head says, "Yikes! What's next for me?"
    You need a recess from your job to renew, play, and envision life after your career.

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    You thought you'd break free of responsibility, but now you're repeating the same old patterns.
    You need new rules for the game of life so you can live it your way, without worry and guilt. 

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    A dream so outlandish, so inconvenient, so impossible that you've waited for it your whole life?
    Does this dream secretly make you smile?
    You need freedom from your own self-doubt, so you can play full out and make your dream SO!

This is the Playful Life.

Just Imagine . . .

  • You wake up in the morning, grateful for the decades of living ahead of you.
  • You stretch, feeling healthy and full of energy.
  • You picture the day ahead, filled with activities that engage you and help you grow.
  • You put yourself first on the list for care-giving, without guilt or worry.
  • Your curiosity h​as no limits, as you explore countries, cultures, and your own creativity with childlike excitement.
  • You effortlessly bring people into your life who love and support you as you age.
  • Your life with your partner is intimate, juicy, and fun!
  • You are guided by a deep sense of purpose and connection.
  • You live with the confidence that you are on the right path and will navigate the road ahead with ease.

A quiet voice inside says, "You are wise, you are loved, and you are beautiful. Let's play!"


Set Yourself Free to Play!

We are young in heart and ripe in experience.

We have been dutiful daughters, mothers, workers, wives.

We've played that game well.  

Now it is time for our game.

Because the world needs every part of us.

Our Truth. Our Passion. Our Wisdom. Our Joy.

What holds you back from Playing your Life to Win?


I'm Janet Kodish

Transformative Retirement Coach and creator of the 

Free to Play Retreat for Women

Janet Kodish

It took ME A LOng time to BE FREE TO PLAY.

When I retired six years ago I was so ready to leave the stress of my administrative management job! My plan was to sleep, have fun, and finally start a business of my own.

But that didn’t happen. I moved my widowed father to a nearby retirement community because he couldn’t live alone and I needed to manage his health, finances, and hardware store. I was the go-to gal for friends and family. I volunteered. And  in-between, whenever I had a spare moment, I searched for a business idea that would give my life purpose.

You see, I thought purpose was something you did. Then, one day I realized that purpose isn’t something you do, it’s something you feel.

That changed everything. Because if purpose is something you feel, then I felt numb. My life wasn’t set up to feel. My life was set up for duty. It had been that way for a long time.

I was so wired for duty, that one month after my wife and I bought our forever home, Dad moved in with us. Of course there were good reasons. There are always reasons.

But here’s the truth:  A life of duty is a life of distraction. It is a cramped and uncomfortable thing. And it is the opposite of playful!

Dad still lives with us at 99. But I’ve shifted. Now, my life comes before duty. Now I get to play.

Free to play. This is what I want for you.

The Power of Small Transformational Retreats

There is magic in joining a small group of women in a transformative journey.  Just by saying "yes!" to investing to showing up, you make a commitment to yourself to do your life differently in your next act.  You take control of your life story.

Coming together with other women, you amplify your dreams and heal what holds you back from believing that you deserve to have life's simple pleasures.  You discover the joy of your unique self, fully expressed when you declare it out loud within this safe container of support.

I know the power of being held in sacred space with other women. I have experienced my messy truth there and it  changed forever changed my life.

This is what I want for you.

I Feel Confident

Participating in Janet's program got me and my life after retirement moving in new directions. I was able to see possibilities based on my talents and passions that could direct my future. I have new perspectives about things that I have allowed to get in my way and am ready to move beyond them. I feel confident about dealing with finances, seeking new experiences, and making social connections. Thank you, Janet!

Carol Berendsen

As You Set Yourself Free You Experience:

The ability to handle life’s ups and downs with EASE, as your body, friends, loved ones, and money situation changes.

The DEEP SELF-AWARENESS that brings INTIMACY with your life partner, as retirement shifts the boundaries of your relationship.

The EXCITEMENT that comes from expanding your limits as you tap into your well of adventure and creativity.

The JOY that comes from living a life of PURPOSE and CONTRIBUTION.

The CONNECTION that comes from easily bringing new people into your life who support your growth and
know how to PLAY.

Is This Retreat Right For You?

This retreat is for you if you are ready to:

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    Leave our sense of duty at home.
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    Play, laugh, experiment, and have fun.
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    Help other women play their best game.
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    Can be present with strong  feelings - yours and others.

This retreat is not for you if you:

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    Are unable to support others with your compassionate presence.
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    Are not interested in releasing what holds you back and keeps you playing small.
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    Cannot commit to attending the full retreat and doing the pre-retreat work.
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    Are unable to laugh.

What You Will Learn

In ​​​​this 3-day retreat, you'll get advanced training that will accelerate your retirement transition, including:

  • The five biggest mistakes that new retirees make, and how to avoid them.
  • How to tap into your 20-something self to fuel your 60-something dreams.
  • A life-changing framework to get you out of frustration and overwhelm and into possibility.
  • How to release the inner messages that hold you back.
  • How to put the three big retirement worries in their place:  money, health, and loss.
  • Lessons from the latest research from Positive Psychology and resilient aging.

What you will take home when you
join us October 20-22:

  • A tangible vision of where you want your life to go from here.
  • A surefire method for making decisions as you age.
  • Your life calendar for the next 3 months - with action steps to bring your vision to life.
  • A kick-ass group of women to support you on your journey.
  • New games to play with the grandkids!

The Retire F.R.E.E Framework

You will experience the simple four-step framework that anyone can use to create a joyful, purposeful life.

FEEL: Tap into your intuition and tune into your heart to get crystal clear on how you want to feel in your next act.  

RELEASE:  Get present to your old story - the fears and limiting beliefs that are blocking your way - and release them forever.

ENVISION:  Paint a Kodachrome picture of the dreams, feelings, people, and adventures that you want to bring into being in your next act.

EMBODY: Write your new rules for living the life you've been waiting for.

I'm Now Living with Intention and Zest

Janet has been by my side step by step, an attentive and encouraging sounding board for my ideas and a wise resource for growth and change. I began my retirement with a pretty good understanding of what I'm good at and what I care about, but working with Janet helped me tap into an essential third dimension: What energizes and engages me? What's my 'mojo'? I'm now living with intention and zest, drawing not only on Janet's self-discovery exercises but also on her tips for 'staying on the path.'

Karen Rhodes ... Retiree, University of California, Berkeley

Open Your Heart and your Head will Follow

Most people think that planning their retirement years is a head game. If they think hard enough and read enough books, they’ll figure it out. I get it. I thought that too. It kept me isolated and running around in circles for years.

Here’s the truth:

You have everything you need to create the life you’ve been waiting so long for.  You just haven’t discovered it yet.

You know yourself well. You’ve been through marriage, divorce, health scares, therapy, career advancement, teenagers. Your own childhood.


You don’t need more books or lectures about how to be old and happy. Because you don't get joy from reading a book and you don't get intimacy from a lecture.

When you share your truth with like-hearted women, you open to receiving a whole new level of connection into your life. 

Like-hearted women are who you will meet at the Free to Play Retreat.

​Your Invitation to Play Retreat Includes:

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    The transformational retreat experience and take-home resources.
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    Three full days at the spectacular Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos, just south of Santa Cruz, California 
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    Breakfast, lunch, and breaks daily.
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    Time to journal, get an in-room massage, or walk on the beach.

And a  few surprises . . . 

(Dinners and travel expenses are not included.)

About the Seascape Beach Resort

Watch this short video to experience the Seascape Beach Resort. You may want to arrive early and never leave!

I've Opened My Heart and Mind

Janet's caring curiosity helped me explore my goals around my career and my family. With her support my communications have become more purposeful and positive. I've learned that self care is not in conflict with caring for others. I've been able to open my heart and my mind to possibilities.

Lynn W. ... Sr. Leadership Training Manager

BONUS:  Life Options Assessment and
Life Mapping Training.

A $750 VALUE

All participants will take the online LifeOptions™ Assessment prior to the retreat. This bonus assessment identifies in vivid color the dimensions of your life where you are prepared for retirement and the dimensions that need your attention. This ten-page report details your preparedness in 14 areas within six life arenas:

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    Career and Work (yes, work is relevant in retirement).
  • check-circle-o
    Health and Wellness 
  • check-circle-o
    Finance and Relationships
  • check-circle-o
    Leisure and Social activities
  • check-circle-o
    Personal Development, Life Meaning, and Volunteering

You'll receive your full report and Life Mapping Training at the retreat.

Free to Play!

Step into your power as a wise woman.

You have a lifetime of experience.

You've been the good daughter, sister, wife, friend.

You have mentored, managed, taught, led social movements, created wealth, created opportunity for others.

Now is your time.

Time for your pleasure.

Time for your creativity.

Time for your adventure.

Time to come alive.

Because the world needs more women who have come alive.

I invite you to join me in creating your new game of life.

From the heart,


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