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Are you feeling overwhelmed by retirement decisions?
Are you wondering, "What's next for me?"

You can create a secure and meaningful life
that brings you purpose, connection, and joy,
whatever the future holds.

My Big Un-Retired Life

Session must be booked by May 31, 2018.
Sessions are 45 minutes long, conducted via telephone or internet.

Certified Retirement Coach

If you've found me, you're probably planning to retire soon, or already have, and something about "Retirement" isn't working for you. Maybe you've been putting off the decision to retire. Maybe you know that you want to live life on your terms, growing, expanding, and living with significance. But how? 

One Retirement Breakthrough session can clear the fog so you know what to do next, and save you months of muddling through alone.  Sessions are limited so schedule yours today.

What is My BIG UnRetired Life?

I'm an "UnRetirement" coach. I didn't plan this; I was just trying to figure out for myself how to live a fun and purposeful life after I retired from UC Berkeley. After spending years volunteering, learning about myself, and gaining clarity through my own coaching experience, I realized I LOVED to help people transition into retirement with joy and grace. So I became a certified coach and founded My BIG UnRetired Life: Aging with Balance, Intention, and Growth  Now I get to work with smart, soulful clients who inspire me every day as they age with confidence, connection, and contribution. That's what I want for you.

I'm Now Living with Intention and Zest


Janet has been by my side step by step, an attentive and encouraging sounding board for my ideas and a wise resource for growth and change. I began my retirement with a pretty good understanding of what I'm good at and what I care about, but working with Janet helped me tap into an essential third dimension: What energizes and engages me? What's my 'mojo'? I'm now living with intention and zest, drawing not only on Janet's self-discovery exercises but also on her tips for 'staying on the path.'

Karen Rhodes Retiree, University of California, Berkeley

She Got Me Started on the Path I Wanted to Go

Mark Hayden Pre-UnRetiree

I have known Janet Kodish for more than 15 years and I strongly believe that she is the most natural, top notch coach that anyone could ask for. I wish I could have had her help me earlier in life, but I'm so glad to have connected with her for this now. She is knowledgeable, professional, insightful, inspiring and fun to boot. Her questions will make you think, and her advice will help you act. I so appreciate how she got me get started on the path that I wanted to go, and I want to continue working with her as much as possible.

Session must be booked by May 31, 2018.
Sessions are 45 minutes long, conducted via telephone or internet.

My Big Un-Retired Life