Especially for Baby Boomers:
Four Days/Four Ways to Make 2018
Your Best Year Ever!!

December 26-29, 2017



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My UnRetired Life

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My UnRetired Life

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What you'll learn:

December 29: Are you in or close to retirement? Learn the 5 benefits you get from working that must be replaced in order to live a satisfying and purposeful unRetired life.

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  • 1
    December 26:  How one powerful intention can transform your life.  
  • 2
    December 27:  Do you want healthier habits? Learn Why Resolutions Don't Work, and the simple actions you can take to achieve your goals.
  • 3
    December 28: Do you want more connection, engagement, and joy in life? Learn why Energy is Essential to living the life you want, the 6 factors that enhance or detract from it, and how you can maximize your engaged energy  no matter your age or physical health.
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All calls will be recorded and posted to the My UnRetired Life private Facebook group. It's my thank you for joining this fabulous group of unRetirees.  So go ahead and register, even if you can't make all the live sessions.

Can you guarantee success?  No. I've collected the best information, tips, and learnings from my research and years as a top manager and coach. But change takes work; only you can decide how you will use this information. I'm also not a doctor, psychologist, lawyer, or accountant.  The changes you seek may require their specialized skills.  But - I can share the best current knowledge about motivation, persistence, how people change and grow, and how to make a purposeful, intentional transition from full-time work to the unRetired life.  

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Now is your time! Make 2018 your best year ever.



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