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I Feel Confident

Carol Berendsen

Participating in Janet's program got me and my life after retirement moving in new directions. I was able to see possibilities based on my talents and passions that could direct my future. I have new perspectives about things that I have allowed to get in my way and am ready to move beyond them. I feel confident about dealing with finances, seeking new experiences, and making social connections. Thank you, Janet!

She Got Me Started on the Path I Wanted to Go

Mark Hayden Pre-UnRetiree

I have known Janet Kodish for more than 15 years and I strongly believe that she is the most natural, top notch coach that anyone could ask for. I wish I could have had her help me earlier in life, but I'm so glad to have connected with her for this now. She is knowledgeable, professional, insightful, inspiring and fun to boot. Her questions will make you think, and her advice will help you act. I so appreciate how she got me get started on the path that I wanted to go, and I want to continue working with her as much as possible.

I've Opened My Heart and Mind

Lynn W. Sr. Leadership Training Manager

Janet's caring curiosity helped me explore my goals around my career and my family. With her support my communications have become more purposeful and positive. I've learned that self care is not in conflict with caring for others. I've been able to open my heart and my mind to possibilities.